15 Year Old Minnesota Boy Emancipated From Mother Due To Being Trans-gender

Is 15 Years Old Enough To Make Life Altering Decisions?


The child is receiving food stamps, legal services, driver’s license (16 is the normal age to apply for licensing), medical and psychological assistance, as well as free housing from the state.  There are plenty of homeless adults that  live on the streets, why is the state so interested in changing this child’s life from male to female?  All against his mother’s wishes, I might add!

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How did this child come to realize he was not really a boy, but a girl in a boy’s body?  Just because he likes other males doesn’t make him trans-gender.  It may just be another gay boy.  Gay people are just like every other person.  They are just not very successful at having children resulting from their matings!  Adoption is always a way to share their lives with children down the road when they are a little older.

The boy’s mother has tried asking the child to come live back in her home, but the child has had his/her first taste of freedom.  So the state will continue to support this child’s life altering choices by paying for them!

Will the child end up graduating from high school while living alone?  Or will this end up being another human living on welfare for life?   The state should think twice before creating another non productive member of society!

Resulting In???

So what sort of future can this young human hope for?

  • Ostracization from others in society
  • Others following the person’s example (Is this something we should want?)
  • Diseases resulting in medical decisions made at age 15
  • Suicide



Saving Money While Living With Multiple Sclerosis

Who Doesn’t Want To Save Money When Dealing With Medical Issues?

Handling Multiple Sclerosis

People who are suffering from any of the Multiple Sclerosis varieties (or know someone who does) have to let their feelings of daily confusion about what is happening to their lives get out or they may EXPLODE!!  Cleaning up after an explosion can be quite messy for the best of people who are in good health, so imagine doing it when you may not be able to stop shaking or even stand up while vomiting all over the place!  Not a pretty picture, is it?

Keep Hands On Wallet At All Times

Keeping a supply of generic Dramamine may help stop the spewing of your last meal on the floor (doctors will probably try to dispense the pricey name brand drugs), but try the generics if you are not allergic to any of the ingredients (money saving tips).  With all the medicines a person with MS has to swallow each day, try to keep the price of each pill that you wash down your gullet more cost effective.

You will be pleasantly surprised about the alternatives that exist to name brand solutions.  Just takes a little investigation time that will pay off with great dividends by saving a few pennies with each usage of the more reasonably priced product.  Even better solution may be to start shopping where you can purchase your pills and other life staples at a discount and/ or in bulk!

Make Pharmaceutical Friends

Let your local Pharmacist know that you read each prescription’s paperwork that is sent along with the medicine in great detail, by calling if you suspect there may be a negative reaction with other medicines in your normal daily routines.  You are not being annoying, you are just protecting both yourself and the pharmacologist in case of a chance of  interaction! A pharmacist in the family was the first person to stumble blindly into the fact I might have MS by me asking if he knew anything about a drug by the name of Avonex!

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Intentional Blogging: Lesson #4



Pro’s- Endless supply of writing research available on the internet for free!

Con’s- Having to cut out way too many interesting topics due to personal time restraints.  Risking missing the one BIG break because of my inability to keep up fast enough.

  1. Multiple Sclerosis Clinically Isolated Syndrome
  2. Multiple Sclerosis Relapsing-Remitting Problems
  3. Multiple Sclerosis Primary Progressive Difficulties
  4. Multiple Sclerosis Chronic Progressive Challenges
  5. Multiple Sclerosis Secondary Progressive Horror Stories
  6. Fibromyalgia Added Headaches
  7. Diabetes Type 1: What Is Happening To My Body?
  8. Diabetes Type 2: Ups and Downs
  9. Parkinson’s Disease: One Shaky Episode After Another
  10. Depression Is Not Always Your Fault!

Pro’s- Face it, it is my life after all!

Con’s- Do I really want to blog about all my stupid choices in life?  Doubt my friends would want to be dragged into this hideous display of our lives!

  1. My Diagnosis’s Story
  2. Growing Up In The Middle Of Nowhere U.S.A.
  3. Being Classified As Gifted In Third Grade
  4. Molested And Raped By Man Who Should Have Been My Protector
  5. The Only Instrument Tried To Play But Couldn’t
  6. Boy Asked To Junior Prom In High School
  7. Tripping Over My Own Two Feet
  8. Bailing Hay Was Extremely Profitable
  9. Milking Cows For A Living
  10. Motorcycles- History With Them


Will be mostly a topical blog site with personal stories included inside with the diseases that have made an influence on my life (both good and bad)!

Intentional Blogging: Lesson #3


3 Adjectives

Intelligent, helpful, and loyal are the best three self descriptive words that pop into my mind.  This is really how my communications with other people come out!  My ideal reader is looking for answers or just help in general.  She is also cursed by a chronic disease of some sort.

Use her as avatar.  Her name is “Ruth”.  Ruth is in her mid thirties and is retired on social security disability from her office job in the cities.


Ideal Reader

My ideal reader is similar to my avatar except possible age differences.  He might be a care partner of an ill person or just know someone not in their best health.  They might just want to learn more for pure curiosity’s sake.

Sources Of Information

Get up-to date information from WebMD.  There I can research whatever disease or symptoms I might be investigating.

Visit the National Multiple Sclerosis‘s society’s web pages frequently.  Also visit the Mayo Clinic’s information on Fibromyalgia, since too many of my friends suffer from it.



Older movies I consider “classics”.  You know the 1984 movie “Footloose“.  The original 1984 Ghostbusters.

Music influences as a kid was strictly old country music you remember Patsy Cline and 50’s and 60’s rock.  My husband and I still listen to the classic rock songs from back then today!

Other people agree that this is actually how I sound in real life.  Am this clumsy every day in both my speaking and actual movements.  Continue to be the only person confined to a wheelchair that can still trip over their own feet!










Intentional Blogging: Lesson #2


Chronic Diseases

Myself and too many relatives and friends to mention suffer from at least one chronic disease!  With myself, it is Multiple Sclerosis and asthma.  Some of my friends suffer from Fibromyalgia.

Know way too much about Multiple Sclerosis since I started experiencing symptoms while still in grade school!  The doctor I saw as a child thought I was just making up my unverifiable symptoms.  Basically he told my mom I was literally nuts!

Have already been writing about my personal experiences for well over a year, so doubt I will ever run out of new writing materials.  If they find the cure for MS, I might have problems coming up with new inspirations!


Helping Other People


Face it, we all struggle with our own illnesses!  Offer suggestions on ways to adapt toe the changes diseases make to our bodies.  Having experienced difficulties with doctors and diagnoses first hand, explain what to expect at the various stages of their own journeys in life.

Want to focus on helping other humans (prefer dealing with animals like cats and larger dogs), but am willing to try human contact.  If I know of a way too ease their pain, will try to suggest they give it a good “old college try“.

Plan On Making My Voice

A combination of practical and anecdotal.  Occasionally, my experiences turn out hysterically funny not by my choice though!  Kind of the live and learn sort of tales.


Want to develop a friendships (as close as you can become over the internet, anyway) with as many other members of the internet society as I can.  Am willing to give them as much time and assistance as mortally possible.

Want to leave an impression of a helpful fellow human.  Have always given the impact as a loyal smart friend in the past, want to leave my new acquaintances with that impression of my writings.

My goal is to have as many people subscribing to my email lists as possible.  Hope to have to upgrade my GetResponse account up to accept over 1,000 contacts!



Retaking Blogging 101 (Now called Blogging: Fundamentals)

Am currently enrolled in Intentional Blogging by writer , Author Jeff Goings.  As far as this course is concerned, has been a long time since I took it last.  Who can’t use a refresher course now and then?

Met many friends that I still keep in contact with from my first course.  We share latest challenges in life and blogging.  Some people’s family’s have grown by birth of a child.  Some have actually started a business from what they learned while blogging!

Nothing is set in stone, if you do not like your blog’s theme you can change it!  Have been through at least a dozen different themes since I started blogging.

I tend to blog to help other people with chronic illness or simply old age.  The reason I no longer keep a diary is I cannot write legibly any more due to Multiple Sclerosis.

Hope to get a short book I have written published in the next year.  Also want to start making a profit from my blogging this year as well!  Who knows, stranger things have happened before.

Am used to including a lot of graphics in my posts, so that is why I am running short on words this time.  You will be introduced to adding graphics latter in this course.  Just stay tuned until we reach the end of our training.

Look forward to seeing what interesting creations you will introduce us to with your blog!  Make sure you share your posts with each other.

Jeanette Hall


Need My MS Infusion NOW!!

Jeanette Hall
Picture of Jeanette Hall.

Receive Infusions Every 28 Days

That worked well back when I first started getting the medicine pumped into my veins back in 2010.  Was able to move around much better for the following 28 days.  Now, the effect lasts maybe a week at most!

By 2014 a meager 3 weeks was a good run from an infusion.  2015 2 weeks was tops for retaining my strength.  Now a week is the most I retain my muscle strength!


Just To Let You Know

Suffer from a chronic disease known as Multiple Sclerosis My mother might have it, but will not let doctors diagnose her with it.  Her sister (my aunt), and both her daughters(my cousins) have it.  Her son and my two brothers do not have it.  Only time will tell if my 2 nieces (my 2 brother’s female kids) start showing signs of MS!

We think my grandma (mom’s mother) may have had it, but since she was suffering from self induced cancers (cigarette smoker till the day she died), she didn’t want to go through with any testing.  The regular falling over her own feet should have set off warning signs!

The Picture Of Me

At the start of this page shows me in my manual wheelchair.  Am forced to rely on it to move around in the world today.  Fortunately, still have the strength to transfer myself from the wheelchair to other places without too much difficulties.  Transfer my self to my recliner, toilet, floor (how else could I play with our cat?), bed, you get the idea!

Gave up driving years before we moved into our house.  Rely now on a service called Metro Mobility.  They pick me up at the end of my wheelchair ramp which starts at our back door.  The ramp was built for me by Ramps.org .  They based our eligibility to have the ramp built completely free of charge on copies of our last two years income tax paperwork.

Since MS runs in my blood line, we decided not to have children.  Why curse an innocent child with an incurable disease?  We just settled for adopting pets.  Have great kids in the neighborhood in which we live currently!

In Conclusion

Do NOT spread chronic diseases if at all possible!  If your desire for kids is too much, there are plenty of children up for adoption already.  Since I am confined to a wheelchair, taking care of a child would be more than I could handle.  Also posses a short temper when faced with imperfections.  Face it, kids make mistakes, I’d blow up over their messes to quickly!
















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