Analysis: Writer Jeanette Hall And Disease That Runs In Her Family

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Analysis: Writer Jeanette Hall And Disease That Runs In Her Family

Jeanette Hall


Picture Of Jeanette Hall

In her manual wheelchair.  Uses the chair to conserve what little strength she has to use each day.  The wheelchair is due to a disease that runs in her mother’s side of the family.

Was Not Diagnosed

Until over a year after she married her husband.  After her diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis, the rest of her family was finally given the name for their problems.  The local doctors just kept telling them they were all nuts!

Now her mother, her mother’s sister, and her two female cousins (her aunt’s daughters) all have an explanation for why their bodies decide  not to function properly.  They now know why, but there still is NO known cure.  Their vision goes out, coordination tends to be nonexistent, and legs may stop working, that is just the tip of the iceberg with Multiple Sclerosis!

One of my cousins is blind now due to this horrid disease!  Can not imagine what life without the ability to see must be like.  Considering reading is my favorite past time and the fact that am a writer now, the fear of having my vision taken from me terrifies me!

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