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20 Products People With Fibromyalgia Should Try For Themselves

Twenty Products People With Chronic Disease Should Try For Themselves When you struggle every day with the pain, fatigue and or brain fog of fibromyalgia or other chronic disease, it can quickly become frustrating and exhausting – especially…

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5 lessons Learned From Fibromyalgia

5 lessons Learned From Fibromyalgia Lesson 1: Believe Sexism Is Why We Do Not Have Cure For Fibromyalgia. Sexism is alive and well in medicine, and believe it is the primary reason why fibromyalgia science is at least…

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Intentional Blogging: Lesson #4

Type Topical Pro’s- Endless supply of writing research available on the internet for free! Con’s- Having to cut out way too many interesting topics due to personal time restraints.  Risking missing the one BIG break because of my…

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