5 Clichés About Disability You Should Avoid

Common Clichés About Disability

People Having Disability
People Having A Disability


The most common cliché about the disabled is they as ALL the same. This is particularly true in the few cases where persons with a disability appear in media

Not all disabled people use wheelchairs! It is just easier to use it as a symbol to portray the disabled community.

What about those that are mentally disabled?

A mentally disabled young man at work!
A mentally disabled young man at work!


To be classified as having a mental disability the person must have an IQ score less than 70. Physical symptoms depend on the severity of the disability.

  • The mildly intellectually disabled may not appear to be impaired at all, exhibiting no physical symptoms.
  • The other forms of intellectual disability are usually associated with deformities of the face or head.
  • In some cases, the forehead is sloped, the bridge of the nose is flat and the ears appear larger or smaller than normal.

Article From The Washington Post Regarding People With Mental Disabilities Receiving Life Saving Transplants


The Entertainment Industry Portrays The Disabled In Of 3 Ways:
  1. As a Victim because of their disability makes them weak or frail
  2. Hero due to their ability to overcome their problem
  3. A Villain because their physical disabilities have been used to suggest evil or depravity, such as the image of pirates as having missing hands, eyes and legs. More recently, characters have been portrayed as being driven to crime or revenge by resentment of their disability.


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  1. Hi, when I am searching on Google about disability then I am reached on your site. I loved your article because it’s very helpful and informative. Keep it up and please don’t stop posting.

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  3. Nancy,
    Thank you for reading and commenting on my post.

    Trying to help get the word out that most disabilities are not something you can catch by just speaking to a disabled person. It is worse when the person with the disability is a small innocent child!

    Jeanette S. Hall

    [email protected]

  4. It seems Hollywood is depicting people about whom they know very little. That leaves most of us uninformed. Very sad. Great job in helping us remember that the next time we are watching such a depiction.

  5. It’s a world mainstream doesn’t see. Being “disabled” myself, I’m not in the mainstream. It’s unfortunate the disabled are forgotten

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