2 Ghosts Haunting Or Not Our Lives

Our First Two Cats

My husband and I adopted two kittens from the Downers Grove Humane Society in Illinois.  Mine was a jet black runt with 5 single white hairs.  His animal looked a lot like Sylvester from the Looney Toons cartoons. Except with feet that were way too big for the rest of his body!  We learned after a while, his cat was also cross eyed.

When my husband and I moved into our house in Colorado with our two adopted cats, never expected them to meet and befriend a ghost cat in the house!  My black cat would play with the ghost for hours on end.

Ghostly Bully

They would gang up on our other cat.  Then ignore him!  Guess even the ghost community has their own bullies! The ghost cat and our black one would thunder up and down the stairs from the upper level down to the garage level.  Stopping to jump on and off the 6 foot cat tower to annoy our other cat who ended up running into everything, because of his vision problems.

After 7 wonderful years of living in the house, we relocated to a home in WI.  The ghost cat unfortunately did not join us.  So my cat was missing his other wordly friend and the our old neighbor’s female cat, Patches that he seemed to have a crush on!  Patches wanted absolutely nothing what so ever to do with him.

More Relocations

We lost the cross eyed cat back in 2006 because it had be put to sleep due to being extremely ill.  The black one held on and arrived in MN with us alone in 2008 still missing his brother.  He survived two lonely years brother-less.  In 2010, he was euthanized because of continuous vomiting.  Still see him out of the corner of my eyes when I am feeling sad.  My husband says he sees both of the two brothers, the one with sight trouble following my black one faithfully.

We adopted another animal from the humane society to help me get settled into the apartment with out an animal.  My ghost cat does not like our new pet!  Now if I could only convince my ghost cat to knock the crap out of our current cat, who’s favorite past time is biting me!

The two ghost cats followed us to reside in our house here in Saint Paul, MN.  Not planning on any more relocations, since I am completely happy in this current home.  See my black one whenever I am feeling lonely or depressed.  My husband sees the other one following it faithfully, just like when they were kittens!

2 Ghosts Haunting Or Not Our Lives


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