1937 Of “Mice And Men” Or 2018 Of “Mice And Balls”?

1937 “Of Mice And Men” Or 2018 “Of Mice And Balls”?

Today’s average person on the street has no idea what life was like years ago during the Great Depression. That era created the setting for 1937’s John Steinbeck‘s classic book “Of Mice And Men”.

What high schooler who has been forced to read this book was not intrigued by the authors vivid descriptions of  what living back then actually felt like?

Of Mice and Men Feelings of deprivation from lack of food and way too much physical exertion trying to earn food for yourself and/or family. Watching as your own children died from starvation because you could not afford food to support them.

Killing off your wife’s child as it emerges from her womb because you want to save it from the horrors of the day’s life. Long before it had a fighting chance at survival. Then having to admit to her what you had done?

The long hours spent walking or other wise traveling from one part of our country to another in search of a better life, only to find out there was no promised work at the new place either. Finding out you were lied to once again.

Who do you trust now? Living in 2018 has given me the knowledge that we made it out  of that time period. Won’t say for the better, because life today still sucks!

2018 “Of Mice And Balls”

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We (my husband and I) adopted another cat to try and replace the empty feeling from our two previous cat’s passings. Of the 3 animals, our current cat named “Dash” by the humane society we adopted him from, has to be the Stupidest Cat I have ever had the misfortune of meeting!

Have had cats all my life. Dash is scared of all types of insects. The reason we adopt cats is for pest control. How can Dash rid us of pests if he is scared of them all?

We have tried giving Dash various types of toys to spark his interests. Have learned only one thing about him, if it doesn’t make noise he is not interested in it at all!

How many balls actually make noise?

We gave him one that sort of growled, he ran away from it. We gave him one mouse that actually squeaks, it scares him!

If an actual mouse ever wandered into our house, Dash would be the first to run away in fear. Our previous cats would have at least tried playing with the mouse, if nothing else!

One of our earlier cats actually crunched down on  a live (now dead) mouse’s bones. Was interesting to listen to from the next room, since I did not want to interrupt his dining! One mouse down, so many to go…

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If a cross-eyed animal can catch a mouse (the one that did the crunching) why can’t a fully sighted animal catch one? No, Dash just runs away. Granted the other animal had huge back feet, but Dash’s back legs do not feel weak when he kicks me trying to run away!



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