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Tennyson – Made Our House A Home

Home for tennyson
In memory of our departed cat Tennyson.

Goal of Saint P. Blogging is to help other disabled people like Jeanette!


Jeanette Hall At Home



Have been confined to a manual wheelchair since we left Colorado back in 2004. Used to be able to walk and run, but Multiple Sclerosis took that from me. Had the disease since grade school, but the local doctors kept telling me I was nuts! Left the state to attend college back in 1991. There I would meet the man I would end up marrying the day after I graduated from college.


With in the first year we were married, I got my diagnoses. After I was given mine, all my female relatives on my mother’s side of the family learned the reason their bodies were failing them!


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motorcycle at Home
Motorcycle owned by my husband and me! I actually ride this machine when he is the one driving it.






The Love of My Life – My Husband

Married this man the day after graduating from college. Been together happily ever since!


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