Smoke is Prompt for Today

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The apparently non-asthmatic people at the Daily Post group of Word Press chose the word “Smoke” for the prompt for today.

 Music First

Made me think of the song by the group “Deep Purple” called by the name of Smoke on the Water

click here to hear the Song: Smoke on the Water

Rest of the Human World

Are allergic to smokes of most types.  If you happen to be cursed with the breathing problem known as asthma it generally causes an attack of varying degrees.  Hope you carry your emergency inhaler with you!

Never Smoked In My Life

Because both of my grandparents on my mom’s side of the family were smokers when I was little.  My grandpa was strong enough to give up his cigar smoking habit after ending up in the hospital with lung cancer.  Unfortunately he also suffered from emphysema due to serving with the US Navy which he ended up retiring from long before I was born.

His travels while being a sailor took him all over the world.  He got to experience most of the history of our great nation first haded!  Listening to him was how I ended up learning my history lessons.  The stories he told were captivating to a young child.

Did you ever make the mistake of picking up the disgusting habit of smoking?[polldaddy poll=9563695]

Your Experience With Smoke

Are you one of the lucky people who have no problems dealing with a smoky environment?  Or are you a normal human who has difficulties breathing in a smoke filled area?  All of us humans need to band together to help the younger generation not grow up with problems breathing each and every day.

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