15 Year Old Minnesota Boy Emancipated From Mother Due To Being Trans-gender

Is 15 Years Old Enough To Make Life Altering Decisions?


The child is receiving food stamps, legal services, driver’s license (16 is the normal age to apply for licensing), medical and psychological assistance, as well as free housing from the state.  There are plenty of homeless adults that  live on the streets, why is the state so interested in changing this child’s life from male to female?  All against his mother’s wishes, I might add!

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How did this child come to realize he was not really a boy, but a girl in a boy’s body?  Just because he likes other males doesn’t make him trans-gender.  It may just be another gay boy.  Gay people are just like every other person.  They are just not very successful at having children resulting from their matings!  Adoption is always a way to share their lives with children down the road when they are a little older.

The boy’s mother has tried asking the child to come live back in her home, but the child has had his/her first taste of freedom.  So the state will continue to support this child’s life altering choices by paying for them!

Will the child end up graduating from high school while living alone?  Or will this end up being another human living on welfare for life?   The state should think twice before creating another non productive member of society!

Resulting In???

So what sort of future can this young human hope for?

  • Ostracization from others in society
  • Others following the person’s example (Is this something we should want?)
  • Diseases resulting in medical decisions made at age 15
  • Suicide



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