Harrowing Day I Fell And Could Not Get Up – December 2017




December 9, 2017



Was a great day until my husband called to tell me he was on his way home from work (normal occurrence). I tried going from reading a book while on my recliner to transferring myself to my wheelchair to make supper. Normal habit, but this time I somehow managed to miss the wheelchair (it was within arm’s reach, no there was no actual butter on my fingers)!

Pain shot up my legs and back. My phone was still setting on the arm of my recliner. Could not call for help (who would I call any way)?  So I remained on the floor unable to move my arms or legs because of the radiating pain, until he somehow managed to get through the annoying rush hour traffic to our house.


When he came through the back door, I asked him to close the blinds that I had opened for our cat, and turn on the lights in the front room. Then he saw the position I was in, literally crumpled on the floor!


He tried to move my left leg a tiny bit causing me to start screaming with pain. He had been up since 4 AM and it was now about 7 PM. Meaning he was tired, dirty, and hungry. Good news is the right leg was fine, but we had to get something done about the left leg.


Why neither of us thought of contacting an ambulance, I’ll never know. He got my tennis shoes on my feet (me muttering loudly from the pain it caused) and got me bundled into my coat and gloves. Then he physically man handled me up off the floor and sat me on my wheelchair.


How We Managed To Get Me Out Of House After I Fell


My husband then went out and got our SUV started and backed it up to the end of my wheelchair ramp’s path. Came back in and got me out of the house and locked it up securely. When he got me down to our vehicle, the only thing he could do was lift me up into the passenger seat trying to keep my left leg immobile.

Back when we were still dating, got a case of vertigo that caused me to start vomiting uncontrollably. At that time we were still living in Missouri was late at night by the area’s standards, he ran countless red lights to get me to the local hospital.  All they did was prescribe an expensive name brand version of Dramamine.  Now we know it was just my multiple sclerosis acting up!


Actual Trip To Get Help



He drove us to the nearest emergency room (at least I didn’t get car sick this time was in too much pain!) The hospital here happens to be United Hospital in Saint Paul.


After having various tests ran on my blood and many different painful due to being forced to reposition my left leg for x-rays the conclusion was reached that I had broken my left hip! Because I hadn’t eaten they found me a tuna fish sandwich and a plastic cup of peaches from the closed cafeteria (cup was cracked, so the juice spilled out on the sandwich – turns out the combination tastes great!)


So an over night stay would be the least of our worries. The nursing staff took pity on him after I was assigned a hospital room, and made up a bed  on the couch in my room for him to try to get some sleep. Good thing I had already taken all my medicines for the day, because there would be no getting anything down me before surgery on the next day, the 10th of December.


Was in actual surgery for several hours. The surgeon, Dr. Anderson was able to replace my left hip with precise tidy incisions that left minimal scaring. Stayed in the hospital (some how managing to get actual bed sores on both my heels) way too long.


We had to choose a rehab facility from a list with no one to ask for references. I selected one close as possible to our house. Chose Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge. Had the rehab facility arrange a ride to the new location on the 14th.





Fortunately, ended up getting along with the staff at Walker Methodist Westwood Ridge.  Made what might turn out to be a lasting friend with one of the staff members! Considering I am a die hard introvert, this was a surprising event.

Had to visit one of the surgeon’s assistants to get him to check on how the wound was healing. So asked my husband to take me to the checkup. While off the rehab’s facility, he took me out to my favorite restaurant for a hamburger (all I wanted was a buttered bun on bottom, a fresh piece of Angus beef, ketchup, assorted vegetation – tomatoes, lettuce, maybe a pickle or two, another buttered bun on top!) Ate the fries that came with it too help kill time. (It had been a while since we had any private time together, after all!)

At the rehab, I got occupational & physical therapies during the week days. But since it was during the holiday season, on the weekends we were lucky to get decent choices for meals!



Heading Home!



Actually got to leave the rehab center on Friday, December 29th for the final time to return home. Was a joyous occasion for me, probably a nerve racking on for everyone else! I missed my books, computer friends, and our dorky cat, Dash.

Now that I am securely back home, got my first visit from the Home Health Care service. The gentle man that came to inspect our home’s set up for my safety and well being was impressed that we had already installed a wheelchair ramp that met the standards for both safety and ease of use.

All doors that I use in the house my wheelchair fits through with no trouble! The microwave is at my height and the table is located directly next to it.  Even the bathroom on the first floor is set up for my wheelchair’s ease of use. Yeah, we removed the door to the bathroom before we moved in replacing it with a curtain. Easier to get in that way!

There is no point in having an occupational therapist come in to re-teach me things I have been doing for myself since 2010. So now all that is still needed is having a physical therapist come to work with me on a periodic basis!

Have to visit the surgeon in the morning of January 25th. He did an excellent job on my surgery, so have no fears about the upcoming check-in with him!



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